Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry Daiquiri

As I’ve briefly mentioned before I am 100% substance free. This includes alcohol, cigarettes, pot and any other drug you can imagine. In fact, I don’t even drink coffee and rarely do I consume carbonation.

Last week I attended a friend’s show at a basement theater off of Times Square. It was a warm spring day and something inside told me to let my hair down and get a little crazy…so I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I have never had a virgin strawberry daiquiri before so I thought the bold taste that burned down my throat after my first sip was odd but probably normal. I set the drink in front of me and forgot about it for a while. After a bit I remembered how hot and thirsty I was and mindlessly downed half of my drink. That’s when I came to the conclusion that the burning was not a normal sensation for a virgin drink. My head wasn’t supposed to feel that hot, my ears certainly weren’t supposed to be on fire, my eyes were involuntarily wide and I couldn’t wipe that surprised expression off my face. I sent the drink back and continued the evening feeling warm and relaxed.

And that was my first experience with alcohol. I definitely understand what it means now to “take the edge off” and it was actually quite delightful.

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  1. That reminds me of my mission.
    There was this Columbian family; they brought out drinks; I took a sip and quickly downed the bulk of it as it was bitter and a little gross. I think it was a Screwdriver. My missionary companion was preoccupied talking to one of their little daughters; he looked over and said, "That's alchohol, Elder." And indeed it was.
    My reaction was of heightened panic and whininess, not ease and unedginess, though my arms did tingle a bit and wanted to rise up of their own accord.