Monday, March 22, 2010

Words of Wisdom...

I can’t help but notice the sudden change in weather…the sun is out, birds are chirping and everywhere I look the gals are sporting sundresses. Well ladies…be careful!

Last summer I was wearing a strapless sundress much like this one from Anthropologie. It was a hot and muggy day, and I was desperately trying to wear as few layers as possible, so naturally I decided to go solo up top (ahem…no bra). As I was sitting on the train, I realized the ridiculously handsome guy sitting next to me. The rest of my train ride was spent focusing on how to discreetly angle my iphone so I could see his reflection. Without realizing it, I was about to miss my stop. I jumped out of my seat also not realizing that the person on the other side of me was sitting on part of my dress. As I bolted out of my seat, my dress stayed under the persons rear sitting next to me…and thus I showed the entire busy-afternoon/just-off-of-work train my tots. Oh and it was my birthday.

So the next time you’re throwing on that strapless dress and discarding other (essential) layers, keep in mind the laws of gravity! It could happen to you!

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